索科洛夫的画(Sokolov Paintings)是《耻辱1》顿沃的隐藏收集品。科尔沃每搜刮到一张就可以换取300金币。主线中一共出现了11幅作品。 《耻辱2》中顿沃城和卡纳卡城里又出现了大部分画作,还有安东·索科洛夫之后画的一些。不过这时候一幅画只值200金币了。


任务 画作 位置
高级督军坎贝尔 高级督军撒迪厄斯·坎贝尔的等距映射”

(The Isometry of High OverseerThaddeus Campbell)

欢愉之屋 “反曲线上的光芒,索科洛夫 自画像”

(Light Along the Inverse Curve,Sokolov's Self Portrait)


(Daud and the Parabola of Lost Seasons)


(Custis, Morgan and the Postulate Child)

皇家医师 波伊尔夫人的钝角”

(The Obtuse Arguments of Lady Boyle)

波伊尔夫人最后的晚宴 薇拉·莫里及其肌肤的附标”

(Vera Moray and the Affix of Her Skin)


(The Spymaster's Axis of Asymmetr)

重返高塔 女皇与空集”

(The Empress and the Empty Set)

水淹区 “交换率之恸哭者

(The Commutative Rats and the Weeper)


(The Torturer's Quaternionic Groan)


(The Outsider and the Circumscribed Void)



任务 画作 位置
顿沃漫长的一天 “卡斯提斯、摩根与必要条件之子”

(Custis, Morgan and the Postulate Child)


(The Obtuse Arguments of Lady Boyle)

世界边缘 “高级督军撒迪厄斯·坎贝尔的等距映射”

(The Isometry of High OverseerThaddeus Campbell)

The top floor apartment overlooking the Campo Seta Dockyards
"The Outsider in Conditional Dreams" Inside Amadeo Monte's apartment, next to the Outsider shrine
"The Vice Overseer's Predicate Logic" Third floor of the Overseer outpost

"Hypatia's Projective Gaze"

Inside Dr. Hypatia's apartment
善良的医生 "Duke Abele's Propositional State" Main lobby of the Addermire Institute
"Anton Sokolov in Subtractive Light" In the lost and found storage
机关宅邸 “拉姆齐的或然双眼”

"Ramsey's Stochastic Eyes"

In Major Bonville's apartment in Lower Aventa

(The Spymaster's Axis of Asymmetr)

On the third floor of Correy Brockburn's apartment in Lower Aventa

"Jindosh Considers An Odd Numerator"

In the bloodfly infested apartment in Upper Aventa

"The Blood Topology of Grim Alex"

In Sokolov's cell in the Assessment Chamber

(Light Along the Inverse Curve)

Behind Jindosh's desk in his laboratory
皇家美术馆 "Ashworth Within An Existential Graph" In the Bloodfly infested building across the Royal Conservatory
沙尘区 “非离散时间寻得阿拉米斯·斯帝尔顿

(Indiscrete Time Finds Aramis Stilton

"Paolo and the Inaccessible Cardinal" 老妪之手沙龙皮耶罗的房间里

(Vera Moray and the Affix of Her Skin)

石板上的裂缝 “交换率之鼠与恸哭者”

(The Commutative Rats and the Weeper)

In a locked vault adjacent to the dining room of Aramis Stilton's manor, in the past

(The Torturer's Quaternionic Groan)

In the room above the indoor pool in Aramis Stilton's manor, in the past
大皇宫 “Daud与失落季节的抛物线”

(Daud and the Parabola of Lost Seasons)

Found in Alfred's bloodfly-infested apartment overlooking Ravina Boulevard, below the windmill


  • 如果归乡任务中科尔沃在顿沃塔去见女皇前喝掉了撒迪厄斯·坎贝尔旁边桌子上的苹果酒,那么“高级督军撒迪厄斯·坎贝尔的等距”这幅画完成的时候桌子上就是空空如也。索科洛夫会评价科尔沃的行为,并称他需要那瓶酒来分散坎贝尔的注意力。
  • 收集齐11幅画作会解锁“画商成就
  • 只有在完成脑奶奶或松颚至少一项的支线任务后,才能进入最后一幅画像的所在地。
  • “间谍大臣的不对称轴”位置是随机的,所在房间取决于到底是哪一位波伊尔夫人才要找的那位。
  • 《耻辱2》中,“The Obtuse Arguments of Lady Boyle”被译为“鲍伊尔女士的钝辐角”。
  • The titles of the paintings are all mathematical references (isometry, inverse curve, parabola, postulates, arguments, etc).
  • Sokolov is rather secretive about the tools he uses to create his paintings, even leaving Bunting, an art dealer, in the dark as to the medium he paints on.
  • If Corvo drinks the cider sitting on the table by Thaddeus Campbell before going to meet the Empress at Dunwall Tower in Returning Home, the painting "The Isometry of High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell" will reflect that and the table will be empty. Sokolov will comment on Corvo's action, saying that he needed it to draw attention away from Campbell.
    • In Dishonored 2, the painting can be found with the cider decanter present, meaning Corvo canonically left it there.
  • The painting "The Spymaster's Axis of Asymmetry" will always be found in the bedroom of the targeted Lady Boyle and thus can change location from one playthrough to another.
  • The last portrait in Dishonored will be inaccessible unless at least one of the side missions for both Granny Rags and Slackjaw has been completed.
  • Duchess Callas Abele commissioned the painting "Radanis Abele's Incongruence with Time" from Sokolov, as a tribute to her deceased son. The painting might have been lost among her collection of artwork when her second son, the new Duke Luca Abele, rebuilt the Grand Palace.[1]
  • Sokolov's portrait of Jessamine Kaldwin, "The Empress and the Empty Set", can be found in Dishonored 2 in the throne room of Dunwall Tower, but not collected, during the mission A Long Day in Dunwall. The portrait appears again, although vandalized this time, outside Ashworth's office during the mission The Royal Conservatory. This mission also happens to take place after the return of the Duke to Karnaca.[2]
  • Collecting all of Sokolov's paintings in Dishonored will unlock the Art Dealer achievement. The equivalent of this achievement in Dishonored 2 is Art Collector, although this includes collecting Delilah's paintings as well.
  • Sokolov was once painting a picture of a beautiful young woman. She died before the painting was finished, so he burned it.[3]
  • When Sokolov painted "Vera Moray and the Affix of Her Skin", he was no older than 24.[4]



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